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This website features details of Film Festivals and Film Seasons as organised by G-Media sarl, with Geoff Thompson the festival director on each occasion. These include the British & Irish Film Season (BIFS, annually in the autumn since 2010), the Nordic Film Festival (NFF, from 2014) and other one-off mini-festivals such as the St Patrick’s Film Festival (in 2013 & 2017).

The British & Irish Film Season started in Luxembourg in 2010 to celebrate the rich array and diversification of film-making across the British Isles (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man), primarily from independent film production companies.

Following on this success, G-Media sarl decided to extend the geographic scope of festival concept by also focusing on the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland).

The seasons/festivals only feature films that have not been screened in Luxembourg before and the organisers try to include films from all countries/regions as well as covering many genres in the process. Most films are screened just once, with the BIFS sometimes including a second screening of some films.



BIFS & NFF in 2017

The dates for the film events in 2016 are as follows:

  • St Patrick's Week Films 2017: 15 & 19 March 2017.
  • NFF 2017: Thursday 6 July at 20:30.
  • BIFS 2017: 20 - 30 Sep 2017. Click here for details